BCS 2019 Mindfulness Retreat

for Education Professionals

Saturday Sept 7, 2019 9:00 am

Retreat by Buncombe County Schools 

Location: Trinity Epsicopal Church Asheville, NC

There is now a significant body of scientific evidence, and substantial local experience, that mindfulness practice decreases stress, anxiety & depression, increases attention, improves interpersonal relationships, strengthens compassion, and offers a host of other benefits. Mindfulness training is simple-to-learn, low-cost, long-term, durable, portable and can be applied to every aspect of one's life. 


This retreat, for education professionals, offers you an opportunity to start, or re-start, your own mindfulness practice as the school year begins. No prior mindfulness experience is required. You’ll connect with friends and colleagues from a wide array of schools, districts, and communities around our region in support of a healthier, more resilient and thriving you! Over the course of the day, you’ll participate in a lively variety of skillfully guided, fun and meaningful practices. While you’ll hear a little about the latest science regarding mindfulness & learn some engaging practices for the classroom, this retreat is for you – to help you remember what it is like to be fully alive, in the present moment, and share that vitality in your professional and personal life.

BCS Mindfulness Retreat for Education Professionals Draft Agenda

Sat. Sept 7, 2019 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

(Retreat Agenda is subject to change!)

Time                        Activity

9:00 AM                   Welcome & Introductions 

9:30 AM                   Importance of Transitions in Building Habits 

10:00 AM                 Mindful (Gentle) Yoga 

10:30 AM                 One Step at a Time ~ Mindful Walking

11:00 AM                 Healing Power of Paying Attention 

11:30 AM                 Stress Reduction & Resilience Practice

12:00 PM                 Lunch, Connection & Rest!

1:00 PM                   The Work of the Heart ~ Self-Compassion & Thriving

1:30 PM                   Small Group Discussion & Retreat Wrap-Up

2:00 PM                   Closing Practice & Retreat Ends                  

Retreat Details...


9:00 am - 2:00 pm


Location (Map):

Trinity Episcopal Church

60 Church Street

Asheville, NC 28801


Seating is limited...so register in the present moment ;-) 



$25 per person.

Email us if you require financial aid.

Email us if you would like to donate a seat(s) to a teacher(s).  

What to Bring: 

Comfortable clothing.

A simple lunch, snack & water.

Yoga mat (blanket or towel).

Consider leaving all electronics at home or in the car!


CEU Credits:

BCS employees will receive .5 CEU hours through MyLearningPlan.  

Upon request, all other education professionals will receive a certificate of attendance.

For additional information contact:

Wendy Cuellar - Enka Intermediate School

Katrina Oliver - North Windy Ridge Intermediate School

Marilynn Whitcher - North Windy Ridge Intermediate School

Leslie Blaich - Isaac Dickson Elementary School Email

Keena Proctor - Isaac Dicskon Elementary School

Alison Rhodes - Reynolds Middle School

Jane Corbin - Carolina Day School - Key School

 Scott MacGregor - Asheville Mindful Living